Entity Framework, EF Core, Azure, Storage, Blob, NoSQL, DocumentDB

Data Access with Microsoft Technologies

Entity Framework Core (EF Core) is the newest version of Microsoft's object to relational mapping technology. The new version of this framework is open source, can be used besides Windows on Linux, and offers mapping to No-SQL databases. With this workshop you learn about EF Core and other technologies for storing data, like Azure Blog storage to store binary data, Azure Table storage for a cost efficience storage technologie supporting huge amounts of data, and Azure CosmosDB to store JSON data that can be indexed.


  • Introduction to EF Core
  • History of Entity Framework
  • Introduction to EF Core
    • Creating a Model
    • Conventions, Annotations, and the Fluent API
    • Creating a Context
    • Creating and deleting the database from code
    • Create/Read/Update/Delete (CRUD) records
    • Logging
  • Using Dependency Injection
  • Creating a Model
    • Creating Relations
    • Data Annotations
    • Fluent API
    • Self-contained Type Configurations
    • Scaffolding models from the database
    • Mapping to fields
    • Shadow Properties
  • Queries
    • Basic Queries
    • Client & Server Evaluation
    • Raw SQL Queries
    • Compiled Queries
    • Global Query Filters
    • EF.Functions
  • Relationships
    • Using Conventions
    • Explicit Loading related data
    • Eager Loading related data
    • Relationships using annotations
    • Relationships using the Fluent API
    • Table per Hierarchy (TPH)
    • Table Splitting
    • Owned Entities
  • Saving Data
    • Saving relations
    • Object Tracking
    • Updating objects
    • Dealing with untracked objects
    • Batching
  • Conflict Handling
    • Last One Wins
    • First One Wins
  • Context Pooling
  • Using Transactions
  • Migrations
    • Migrations with ASP.NET Core MVC
    • Migrations with .NET Core Console Applications
    • Creating Migrations
    • Applying Migrations programmatically
    • Applying Migrations from the command line
  • Non-relational Databases with EF Core
  • SQL Database with Microsoft Azure
  • Azure Table Storage
  • Azure Cosmos DB

Flexible Content

This workshop is offered as company-based workshop and occasionaly with open course dates. I'm flexible in adapting this workshop to your specific needs. Get in contact to discuss the knowledge you already have and the goals of your project.

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