UWP, XAML, data binding, styles, templates

Programming Apps using the Universal Windows Platform

The Universal Windows Platform allows creating apps for the Windows 10 desktop, the Windows Phone, IoT devices, Xbox, Hololens, and other device families.

In this workshop you learn creating apps running on Windows 10 platforms including XAML, the MVVM pattern, using the Windows runtime, calling services, and more.


  • Overview of creating Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Apps
  • Visual Studio and Blend for Visual Studio
  • Sharing Code
  • Platform SDKs
  • Application Lifecycle

Creating the User Interface

  • Overview and Goals of XAML
  • XAML Controls
  • Layout (RelativePanel, SplitView, Grid, WrapGrid...)
  • Data Binding and Compiled Data Binding
  • Adaptive Triggers
  • Styles and Templates
  • Tiles and Toasts

Creating Reusable and Testable Applications

  • MVVM Pattern
  • Creating Views, View-Models, and Models
  • Change Notification
  • Repository Pattern
  • Messaging using Events
  • Using Dependency Injection Frameworks
  • Unit Testing
  • Automated UI Testing
  • Using HockeyApp

Communication between Apps

  • App Contracts
  • Sharing Data
  • Drag and Drop
  • Communication via App Services

Special Features

  • Navigation Framework
  • Using Maps
  • Inking and Ink Controls
  • Using Sensors
  • Using Cognitive Services

Flexible Content

This workshop is offered as company-based workshop and occasionaly with open course dates. I'm flexible in adapting this workshop to your specific needs. Get in contact to discuss the knowledge you already have and the goals of your project.

Interested in this workshop?