Do you need help with your software projects?

I can help during various phases in your projects. You have the knowledge of the business domain, while I can extend this with knowledge about programming technologies. Let's work together for your successful project.





Customized to the knowledge you already have and the goals needed to achieve.

Software Architecture

Software Architecture

Helping you with the architectural design of your application - chosing technologies, working with patterns



Code- and architecture reviews to keep you on the optimal track.



We also support and help you with coding on critical paths and solving issues.



I'm working with ASP.NET Core since the earliest Betas, and already used it in production. Experience with ASP.NET Core not only on Windows, but also on Linux systems and on the Mac. .NET Core was the second-most requested training in 2015 and 2016. Of course I'm also supporting ASP.NET 4.x.

Universal Windows Platform

I've some UWP apps in the Windows Store, and support many companies creating UWP apps with a modern design and great usability.

Windows Presentation Foundation

Many companies just switched recently to Windows 7, so (among my customers) WPF is still the most used technology creating desktop applications.


The market for Windows on the phone is too small. For creating native applications on iPhone and Android, I'm using Xamarin.


I've more than 20 years experience creating Web applications, and continuously use new technologies. I'm using TypeScript, jQuery, Angular, and many HTML5 technologies, including tools such as NPM, Gulp, WebPack...

Microsoft Azure

Are you using or planning to use cloud services? I can offer support and coaching with App Services, Search, Notification, Container Services, Functions, Storage, DocumentDB, SQL Database, Cloud Services, and more.